Healthy Foods Equals Healthy Skin

Healthy Foods Equals Healthy Skin

Healthy Foods Equals Healthy Skin

We all know that our diet plays a big role in our health. Often times it has a direct effect on our organs. Believe it or not, the biggest organ that food effects is our skin. Healthy nutritious food equals healthy looking skin. On the other hand not so healthy food equals not so healthy looking skin. So, the next time you’re pondering what to eat, take a few minutes and think about what that food will do to your skin.

You have probably heard many people say that chocolate is bad for your skin, that it causes acne. You may have also heard how good water is for the skin, how it helps your skin look younger. These were once thought of as just myths; however over the years scientists are finding that there may be … read more

Indian Food – Healthy Food

Indian Food – Healthy Food

Are you fond of cooking different types of cuisine but you still thinking about your health? Now, you don’t have to worry about knowing those kinds of foods, because Indian food is a very good example. This is because of the health benefits that you can get on this food.

When talking about Indian food, it is usually hot. It contains a lot of chili to add taste. The primary ingredients of Indian cuisine are garlic, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, leafy vegetables, nuts and beans. All of these are very beneficial to health.

The main ingredient used by some Indian cuisine is Turmeric. It is a ginger root that helps to add spice in Indian foods. The Indian food has been proven and acknowledged that it can give a lot of health benefits not to mention. Turmeric may prevent heart problems and will aid … read more

Cryo-Radiofrequency© by Body Health Group

BODYHEALTH’s medical department has developed the CRYO-RADIOFREQUENCY© therapy, the ideal and unique therapy that achieves a lasting and instantaneous tensation effect. This therapy makes the BHS CRYO-RADIOFREQUENCY© an unique equipment. This therapy delivers more energy than any other radiofrequency, but it must be controlled with cold temperatures (-) 10 grades from the head to the dermis are introduced, the multipolar head increases the internal temperature highly which in turn produces a shock on the skin inside due to the external cold and the internal heat combination.
Thus a “THERMICAL SHOCK” is produced with an instant tensation of the skin. This shock has a detoxifying effect raising the oxigenation levels of the tissues as it dilates the blood vessels that irrigate the skin.
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Women And Beauty

by -Reji

Women And Beauty


Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.  Nowadays every woman wants to be really beautiful.  In order to accomplish that, the women try and lots of products and treatments which can beautify them.  In this article we will discuss many types of products and services which remain mostly used in order to bring out their natural beauty and the fresh.


First of all, we will talk about hair. Styling them and keeping them healthy, beautiful, shiny, lustrous and appealing is a dream of every woman. In order to accomplish that, women try different types of products. Shampoos are one of them. In the market there are many types of shampoos available.  Some of the shampoos are for dry hair.  Other shampoos are four lengthening the hair and keeping them moisturized.  With the shampoos there are also many different types of conditioners.  The job of … read more

Ancient Health Secrets Big Pharma Fears

Ancient Health Secrets Big Pharma Fears

Anthony Gucciardi discusses the bodies own way to fight disease and how to boost and fight infections with Natural Herbs and Remedies. Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know about these simple steps to wellness because there is not profit for them in it.

Red Algae Extract Defends Against Ebola, HIV, SARS, and More

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Dermoporación (Electroporación + Electroforesis) – Body Health Group



Fabricacion de equipos de Crio-Radiofrecuencia, Ultracavitación, Radiofrecuencia Tripolar / Bipolar, Vacumterapia, Dermoporación, Microdermoabrasion, y Terapia lumínica.

Google Tech Talk
June 26, 2013
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This 60 min. guest lecture covers some of the basic theories and ideas of advanced manual therapies being developed today and offers some ideas for how you might choose to use manual therapy to improve your mental/physical health through multiple body systems (affecting the nervous system, organ systems, connective tissues, etc.).


Eric Moya, CST-D, MS/MFCT is a CranioSacral therapist and Upledger Institute lecturer with a Masters degree in Marriage, Family & Child Therapy. Eric also served for five years as Director of Education for the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA. He teaches classes internationally in CranioSacral therapy, Lymph Drainage, Ethics of Manual therapy, Mind/Body health in addition to … read more

Oral health

Oral health

Once Phyllis Diller beautifully said “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight,” thus a wide Smile reflects the wide amount of happiness in you. Smile is an important element of your personality. A white teeth smile charms your personality while that of off white or yellow teeth smile may be considered as a hindering factor in your beauty. Oral health is regarded as one of the most important factor resulting in physical health as mouth is a medium through which we intake food.  Thus maintain a good mouth and beautiful smile is an important factor to enhance your personality and health too.

One should preserve good oral health by practicing regular dental care habits and visiting dentist regularly. Brushing provides beautiful and healthy teeth which guarantees oral health. But brushing isn’t enough as it can’t reach some inner places between the teeth … read more